Frequently Asked Questions

In case you were wondering

Does AHCC interfere with any chemotherapy drugs?

AHCC is widely used in Japan as an adjunct to chemotherapy treatment, however you will need to consult you healthcare provider to insure it is suitable for you . Useful link providing a research overview of AHCC . Alternatively you cold read through our What is AHCC section of this website

Can AHCC be taken with other medications?

Research shows that AHCC can be taken with most conventional medications, including antidepressants and anti-nausea medication and OTC drugs . There have been no reports of any interaction. Still, it is important to consult your healthcare provider and refer to research to ensure safety.

Can't I just eat mushrooms to get the same benefits as AHCC ?

Whole mushrooms do have many beneficial nutrients, but AHCC is created from culturing selected mushrooms to produce a functional food that has a unique polysaccharide called acetylated alpha-glucan. Alpha-glucan has a low molecular weight that makes it easy to digest and absorb. This unique component possesses a powerful immune-stimulating action that ordinary mushrooms and other mushroom supplements do not contain.

We recommend 1 gram a day as an "insurance plan" for general immune system maintenance and 3 grams a day as a therapeutic dosage if you are taking AHCC for specific conditions.

I can't seem to login?

Ensure you are using the correct email address and password you used to register. If you cannot remember your password use the reset option.

How do I change my delivery address?

If you have moved house or wish to send your order to a different address you can supply and save a new address during checkout. Or if you are subscribed to receive monthly orders log into your account and ammend your address info.

How do I empty my basket?

Go to your basket, click remove on the items you wish to take away. Then click update.

How do I cancel or amend my order?

Once funds have cleared, all our products will be sent for delivery within 24-48 hours. If you change your order before funds have cleared it is no problem. If you cancel or amend after funds have cleared, your order may have been sent to delivery already. In this instance, once received do not open the package. Simply resend to 3 Wellington Crescent, Ballymena, Northern Ireland BT42 2RZ. Once we have received the package we will resend you the amended package and refund the postal charge. If you have cancelled the order do the same as above and we will refund once received.

My order status is received, has my order been dispatched?

The status received, means we have received your order. Products are only sent for delivery once funds have cleared. An email confirmation will be sent to confirm this. Orders will then be dispatched 24-48 hours via Royal Mail 2nd class signed for.

Can I reorder the same as last time without adding the products to the basket again?

Unfortunately, this facility is not available on this site. Please create a new order every time.

Only part of my order has arrived, where is the rest?

One of the benefits of ordering from The Big Immunity Company is that we post our products in letterbox friendly packaging. As a result, on some occasions, packages from your order may arrive on consecutive days. If, however, you still have not received all your order after 7 working days please contact us via email as a tiny percent may get lost in transit. We can then contact Royal mail and reprocess the remainder of your order.

Who do I contact if I receive the incorrect items or any of my products have been damaged in the post?

In the unlikely event that your order arrives to you damaged or incorrect, simply send us an email with all the details. Once you receive confirmation from us, post these items back to us. Once we have received them we will be happy to resend the products without delay. Any postal charges you incur for sending the package back will be recredited to your payment method.

How do I know the website is secure?

If you look at the web address at the top of the screen it will state https. The S means it is safe. If the S is missing then the website may be insecure. For example

How much do you charge for postage and packaging?

Posting and packaging is free of charge.

Will I need to sign for my order?

Yes we post every product via Royal mail 2nd class signed for.